We at diyparts enjoy gaming as much as you do so we decided to open a blog which is all about gaming. You can expect to find the best tips and tricks here in short future for a big variety of games. We also talk about cheats and hacks, if there are free sources available which are not too risky to use we might share them with you. The usage is still at your own risk but we will run many test before sharing such a tool with you. Be anxious as you will get great information about all mobile games on here and also the best practices on how to become a better gamer.

About the Authors

We are all around 20 years old and play games on any device since our childhood. Nowadays we mostly play mobile games as they are mostly free and still offer a lot. Our problem with these type of games is that they are usually based on a pay to win basis to make money. We do not support this, we just look around the net and maybe find a great hack tool which works really good so we gonna use this instead of investing money. Sometimes we also make them ourselves but this requires a lot of work.