Idle Heroes tricks and strategies

Hello folks, today we are going to talk about Idle Heroes. In the following you can read about different strategies and tricks to become more successful. We will tell you the easiest way to get as many heroes as possible. You are going to need them during the game either to sacrifice them for resources or to power up your team.

Enhance your strongest heroes

Enhancing your best heroes is very important as your enemies are getting stronger with every level that you complete. The less stars a hero has the more often you have to enhance him. Focus on getting strong 4 to 5 star monsters as you will need to sacrifice them for summoning the strongest heroes.

The higher star rating a hero has the higher the base attack. You should never upgrade any heroes below 3 stars except at the beginning but once you have got a few more heroes do not level them up if they’re below three stars. This would cost you too much resources in the end and they are usually pretty weak.

What should be your first aim as a new player?

Your first aim should be to get six natural five star monsters. They usually have a much higher base attack and defense which makes them a better choice for your team. Don’t expect to get them immediately, this can take some time as they are rare. Always replace the weakest member of your team once you were lucky enough to summon a stronger hero.

One way to get five star monsters is by participating in Guild wars and raids. Through these modi you are going to earn Guild Coins which can be used to purchase certain 5* Heroes or to upgrade them through the Guild Tech menu. It’s highly advisable to start earning Guild Coins as soon as you can.

Where else an I get five star heroes?

There are a few ways were to get them, we give you a list of what worked best for us.

  • Many Heroes can be found in the campaign.
  • Some levels of the Tower of Oblivion will give you the chance on 5 star heroes.
  • Heroic Summons include every natural five star hero.
  • Prophet Orbs and Prophet Tree is another good place to summon strong heroes.
  • Prophet Tree replacements contain all of them except Dark and Light.
  • Casino Wheel features strong five star or above heroes as well.

Basically these are the best ways to build a strong team. Some of these tactics may require you to invest a lot of gems like the Heroic Summons. Others are completely free like obtaining them through campaign levels. The big difference between these two is that the campaign can not guarantee you to get a hero at all. Heroic Summons will summon you one hero guaranteed which makes it much more comfortable if you can afford it.

Choose carefully what hero you put in which slot

One golden rule is to always put your tackiest hero in the first slot as it will always get attacked at first. Once this hero falls the hero in the second slot gets attacked so make sure it has good defense and hp as well. In the back of these two heroes you should place your strongest attacking heroes as they will not get attacked that often. You might need to adapt that strategy from time to time as it does not fit for every level. Depending on the skills of the enemy team you have to place your heroes. Make sure they survive as long as possible to have the biggest chances on winning the fight. If you follow all above tricks you will have a much better time playing Idle Heroes as you won’t get defeated often anymore.